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MY House Catering is Chef owned and Operated since 1996! For over 20 year, Chef Mark Morrow and his wife, Elizabeth have dazzled the Dallas, FT. Worth area with their creative menus and their tasteful designs!

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Catering Service in Dallas

When you look at factors that can make or break an event, few would be as important as the quality, flavor and appearance of the food and beverages you serve. A lot rides on who you choose as your caterer for the event. Amazing  Texas catering, can go a long way in rescuing an event that’s on the rocks, but bad catering will most certainly lead to an event ending up as a disaster.

Caterers can vary dramatically in their pricing and the types of menus and services they offer.

So, how do you choose the right caterer for your event in Dallas?

Here are a few criteria that you should consider when hiring a caterer.

1) Responsiveness and Personal Responsibility With Regards to Your Needs

The responsiveness and interest a caterer in Dallas displays during your initial discussion will give you a good indication as to the quality of their service on your contract.

A prospective caterer should take personal interest in your event and strive to make it a big success. 

2) Ability to Handle Your Specific Type of Event

Not every caterer will be good for all types of event. So understand the caterer’s capability and area of specialization before you sign the contract. Of all the Dallas catering services, MY House Catering focuses on the customer's best interest and satisfaction

When interviewing your caterers, you should be specific about the type of event you are planning and the type of food and presentation that you expect. The let them explain how they can help you make it a reality. This gives you a good idea of their capability and interest.

3) Flexibility With Regards To Menu Options

Any catering service in Dallas who has been in the industry and knows what they are doing will have a number of different menu options that get updated constantly. They should also keep up with the current trends. 

However, the best caterers will go far beyond standardized menu options and be willing to create amazing customized menus to match your specific requirement. A good example is the My House Catering service. Although they have menus to suit almost every event, the best thing about them is that they give you the freedom to choose your own menu. This option helps in making your event truly special.

An ideal caterer should be willing to accept (or at least consider) special requests – like be willing to add a family recipe that you want included.

4) Tastings and samples

If you are not given the chance to sample a caterer’s wares, how will you be able to make an informed choice? You cannot choose a menu item unless you know what it tastes like.

5) Familiarity With the Venue and Locality

The caterer should be a local business and be familiar with the venue. This is even more important because some venues may have specific restrictions.

6) Clarity of Contract

The caterer’s contract should talk clearly about details like what food, beverages and services the caterer will be providing. It should also protect you from non-performance as much as it protects the caterer from non-payment.

Every detail should be elaborated in the contract - like selected menus, number of servings and/or number of people to be served, beverage/bar service details, pricing and details of additional services.

7) Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

Although it may never be required, you still need to ensure that there is a cancellation clause in your contract just in case your caterer has to cancel.

8) References You Can Call and Talk To

Look for online reviews and also ask some past clients if you can track them down.

9) Does the Caterer Have An Experienced Chef

Find out which chef you are going to work with once you sign up with a particular caterer. Ask about the chef’s bona fides and CV because he/she will probably be the person most responsible for the outcome of the meal.

Now that you know how to choose the right caterer, you can confidently plan your next event. 

Now if you are planning your special event in Dallas, you’re in luck because the best catering service that I know of is in Dallas – My House Catering. 

They have the capacity to handle any type of event – so you can rest assured, you will be in good hands. They also have a huge collection of menus featuring lip smacking dishes. Their customer service is the best I’ve seen. But for me, the one thing that seals the deal is the fact that they will create a menu for you that you can call your own. Now that can makes any event special!

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